Second U.S. Spiritist Medical Congress

Second U.S. Spiritist Medical Congress

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd – 2008

03:00 PM Opening Ceremony
03:15 PM Continuing to Build the Bridge: New Tools and Mind Technologies for the 21st Century
Dr. Melvin Morse
04:05 PM Soul, Mind and Body Integration
Dr. Marlene Nobre (IN PORTUGUESE)
04:50 PM Coffee Break
05:10 PM The Role of the Spiritist Medical Associations
Dr. Sonia Doi
05:50 PM Mechanisms of Disease and Spiritual Body
Dr. Cesar Geremia
06:40 PM Q & A Session
07:00 PM Closing


08:50 AM Spirituality and the Brain
Dr. Vanessa Anseloni
09:35 AM Alzheimer, Mental Health and Spirituality
Dr. Fabio Nasri
10:15 AM The Pineal Gland and Its Influence on Brain-Body/Mind-Soul Integration
Dr. Decio Iandoli Jr. (IN PORTUGUESE)
11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:20 PM Organic Repercussions of the Process of Obsession
Dr. Fabio Villarraga (IN SPANISH)
12:05 PM Clinical Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation
Dr. Julio Peres
12:50 PM Q & A Session
01:00 PM Lunch Break
14:30 PM Consciousness, Mind and Body Integration
Dr. Amit Goswami
03:20 PM Touching the Spirit: the Essence of Healing
Dr. Christina Puchalski
04:10 PM Q & A Session
04:20 PM Coffee Break
04:40 PM Therapeutic Touch: Healing as a Bridge To The Inner Self
Dr. Dolores Krieger
05:30 PM Healing Passes: Complementary Spiritist Treatment
Dr. Marlene Nobre (IN PORTUGUESE)
06:20 PM Yoga Psychology and the Transformation of Emotion
Dr. Uma Krishnamurthy
07:00 PM Closing

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5th – 2008

09:00 AM Children’s Near Death Experiences: Understanding the Transformation Power of Spiritual Events
Dr. Melvin Morse
9:50 AM An Introduction to the Quantum Doctor
Dr. Amit Goswami
10:40 AM Q & A Session
10:55 AM Coffee Break
11:15 AM What the dying tell us about dying and what lies beyond
Dr. Peter Fenwick
12:00 PM Complete Account of the Oncologic (Cancer) Patients and Their Families Through the Eyes of Spirituality
Dr. Sabino Antonio Luna (IN SPANISH)
12:50 PM Q & A Session
01:00 PM Coffee Break
02:30 PM The Relation Between Health and Forgiveness
Dr. Maria da Graca de Ender (IN SPANISH)
03:20 PM The Sublime Duty of Doctors
Dr. Sabino Antonio Luna (IN SPANISH) and Dr. Decio Iandoli Jr. (IN PORTUGUESE)
04:20 PM Q & A Session
04:50 PM Final Comments
05:00 PM Closing

Location: Hilton Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, FL