First U.S. Spiritist Medical Congress

Spirituality in Patient Care
Harold Koenig, MD (USA)
Why Must I Suffer?
Spirit Attachment, Spirit Release and Soul Integration
Andrew Powell, MA, MCRP, FRCPsych (England)
Near-Death Experiences
Where God Lives
Melvin Morse, MD (USA)
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Love and its Healing Power
Alberto Almeida, MD (Brazil)
Spirituality and its Association with Cardiovascular Disease
Scientific Evidence of Intercessory Prayer: A systematic Review
Alvaro Avezum, MD (Brazil)
The Impact of Reincarnation on the Paradigm of Change
Transdimensional Physiology
Decio Iandoli Jr., MD (Brazil)
The Spiritist Medical Paradigm
Scientific Evidence for Life after Death: Research on Mediumship
Marlene Nobre, MD (Brazil)
Mental Disease in Spiritist & Medical Treatment
The Multiple Faces of Depression
Roberto Lucio V. de Souza, MD (Brazil)
Organic and Psychic Phenomenology of Mediumship
Universities and Spirituality in the 3rd Millennium
Sergio Felipe de Oliveira, MD (Brazil)
Near Death Experience
George Ritchie, MD (USA)

Location: Quality Suites Hotel – 3 Research Court Rockville, MD