First U.S. Spiritist Medical Congress

Location:   Quality Suites Hotel – 3 Research Court Rockville, MD 20850


Harold Koenig, MD (USA)

  • Spirituality in Patient Care

Andrew Powell, MA, MCRP, FRCPsych (England)

  • Why Must I Suffer?
  • Spirit Attachment, Spirit Release and Soul Integration

Melvin Morse, MD (USA)

  • Near-Death Experiences
  • Where God Lives

Alberto Almeida, MD (Brazil)

  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Love and its Healing Power

Alvaro Avezum, MD (Brazil)

  • Spirituality and its Association with Cardiovascular Disease
  • Scientific Evidence of Intercessory Prayer: A systematic Review

Decio Iandoli Jr., MD (Brazil)

  • The Impact of Reincarnation on the Paradigm of Change
  • Transdimensional Physiology

Marlene Nobre, MD (Brazil)

  • The Spiritist Medical Paradigm
  • Scientific Evidence for Life after Death: Research on Mediumship

Roberto Lucio V. de Souza, MD (Brazil)

  • Mental Disease in Spiritist & Medical Treatment
  • The Multiple Faces of Depression

Sergio Felipe de Oliveira, MD (Brazil)

  • Organic and Psychic Phenomenology of Mediumship
  • Universities and Spirituality in the 3rd Millennium

George Ritchie, MD (USA)

  • Near Death Experience