About the United States Spiritist Medical Association


The purposes and objectives of the Association are:

  • To bring together primarily physicians and other healthcare professionals interested in holistic and complementary medicine, who are willing to learn, accept and work within the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine, as codified by Allan Kardec.
  • To study concepts of the Spiritist Doctrine that complement current medical knowledge and practice in the treatment of physical and mental illnesses.
  • To educate healthcare professionals in practices that are spiritual in nature for use as a complement to conventional medicine. These spiritual practices include fluidic therapy (application of passes , and the use of magnetism to energize drinking water), prayer and meditation, and the therapy of forgiveness.
  • To institute an awareness program that includes lectures given by Members of the Association or by invited guests appointed by the Board of Directors to enlighten the lay public on the spiritual resources offered by Spiritism. Such resources treat spirit, mind and body as a whole and can be used as complementary therapy.
  • To organize study groups, symposia, conferences and congresses on the theme “Bridging Medicine & Spirituality”, and to disseminate the Association’s activities to both healthcare professionals and the general public via printed and electronic materials.


Board of Directors

President: Sonia Doi, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice-President: Cicero Torres, M.D.
Program Director: Leticia de Oliveira, M.D.
Treasurer: Marcos Souto
Secretary: Livia Uehara, M.D.